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Biological products “AgroBioStim” liquid humic preparations are made on intrafirm technology. Organic acids, natural phytohormones, natural stimulators concern the basic components for production of biological products with the high content of biologically-active substances and minerals.


Biological products “AgroBioStim” created on the basis of organic acids also render certain influences on soil and plants (Field tests see):

Physical influences:

  • Soil fertility increases;
  • Microbiological activity of useful microorganisms in soil is stirred up;
  • The soil cultivation is facilitated;
  • The water mode of soil improves;
  • The soil aeration improves;
  • The soil structure improves;
  • The soil erosion decreases.


Chemical influences:

  • Alternative to chemical and synthetic fertilizers;
  • Increase the content of nutrients;
  • Transform inaccessible forms of inorganic substances into accessible connections for plants;
  • Protect from pollution by heavy metals and radioactive nuclides subsoil waters.


Biological influences:

  • Accelerate recycling of organic substances;
  • Reduces requirement of plants for an agricultural chemicals and synthetic preparations;
  • Stimulate a soil microflora and accelerate a mineralization of organic substances;
  • Restore immune system of plants;
  • Increase photosynthesis of plants;
  • Operate as carriers and a vehicle of nutrients through a cage wall;
  • Improve breath of cages of plants;
  • Stimulate root system growth;
  • Increase vital activity of seeds and a germination percentage;
  • Increase productivity of crops to 40-160%, in comparison with traditional technology;
  • Protect plants from a drought and other extreme agroclimatic conditions;
  • Accelerate development of plants (on the average till 15-25 days) and maturing of fruits;
  • Reduce the content of nitrates in plants and cultivated production;
  • Prevent receipt of heavy metals and radioactive nuclides in plants and cultivated production;
  • Increase the content of a solid, vitamins and minerals; raise fiber, fats and carbohydrates in cultivated production;
  • Improve palatability and safety of cultivated production.

Biological products “AgroBioStim” contain phytohormones, antibiotics, and the whole complex of essential amino acids in the structure and possess high fungicidal and bactericidal properties. Concentration of active substances and minerals in biological products makes 98% and are completely accessible to plants. Active substances quickly get into a plant cage, influence at cellular level and strengthen immune system of plants, and the strong immune system helps plants to struggle with causal organisms of diseases. Unroot processing of sick plants by biological products “AgroBioStim” helps fast restoration of plants. Plants grow strong and healthy, and it is a guarantee at bountiful yield cultivation (Field tests see).



Today in the market exists more than 400 similar preparations. All of them concern group of regulators of growth of plants or a biostimulus, and to us often ask the basic question – in what difference of biological products “AgroBioStim” from analogues?

1. The basic distinction of biological products “AgroBioStim” that our biological products are made from natural components which exist in the nature more than one million years and have an organic origin. On influence on plants, to increase in productivity and improvement of immunity biological products “AgroBioStim” occupy a place of honour in the first five. But, if to take that 80% of applied stimulators are made on a chemical or synthetic basis then biological products “AgroBioStim” leave at once on the first position.


2. Any of applied stimulators (especially on a synthetic and chemical basis) does not contain such high concentration of biologically-active substances and phytohormones and as possess high bactericidal and medical influences, and restore fertile qualities of soil.


3. The basic properties of biological products “AgroBioStim” it is high productivity at cultivation ecologically a net production and increase of soil fertility.

On compatibility with pesticides, biological products “AgroBioStim” differ among themselves:

  • Natural stimulators, Natural microfertilizers and organo-mineral (OM) fertilizer “AgroBioStim” are completely compatible to herbicides and pesticides that their joint application allows, not breaking technological process.
  • ECOfertilizers “AgroBioStim” are compatible to herbicides and pesticides, except preparations on a copper basis.
  • Bio-paste "FERTILITY" and Microbiological fertilizer "EFFECT" it is impossible to combine with pesticides, especially on a copper and zinc basis.


Biological products “AgroBioStim” are intended for unroot and root top dressing of all kinds of crops (Technologies and Field tests see).


Biological products “AgroBioStim” are completely harmless to animals, fishes, birds, bees, a microflora and the person. After application of biological products «AgroBioStim» usual norms of hygiene are applied.


NOTE: Basic influences of biological products “AgroBioStim” on soil and plants are based on long-term field tests (Field tests see).

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