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Chlorosis between ribs.
Infringements in a nutritious mode of a potato.
Phytopathogenic bacteria of stem Xanthomonas.
Phytopathogenic bacteria of stem Pseudomonas.
Phytopathogenic bacteria of family Pseudomonaceae.
Fungus Pucciniaceae.



In this section the brief information on economically important diseases of plants is given, on which biological products «AgroBioStim» render medical or safety influence.


In advertising section it is underlined our production, that humic biological products and fertilizers «AgroBioStim» possess bio-fungicidal and bactericidal properties. The basic information on medical and safety properties of organic substances including humic acids it is taken from proceedings and researches of the large scientists working all over the world.

During carrying out of field tests of biological products «AgroBioStim» we are convinced once again in powerful fungicidal and bactericidal properties of made biological products (Field tests see).


The short fact-finding information on some economically important diseases of plants is lower resulted, on which biological products «AgroBioStim» render safety or medical influence, which from its part gives additional economic and ecological effect.

Diseases of plants – infringement of physiological processes in a vegetative organism. It is expressed in metabolism frustration, an organism structure etc. Diseases of plants appear at mechanical damages, adverse external conditions and pathogenic microorganisms which damage a separate organ or the whole plant and conducts to a delay in development or destruction of a plant.


Characteristic for all diseases is specific changes in the plants expressed in visible infringements in tissues, organs or in the whole plant. These changes can be external and internal and strongly be shown: change of colour (chlorosis), drying of tissues or the whole plant, dying off of tissues (necrosis), deformation of fruits, rotting etc. Is the most frequent to external signs defining the pest of disease and treatment methods. The accelerated breath and other signs concern the most typical changes in a sick plant. There are cases when various pests cause similar symptoms and on the contrary.



NOT INFECTION ILLNESS. To not infection illness caused by external factors of environment concern. For example – deficiency of iron, at cultivation of cultures on acid soils, limits chlorophyll formation in plants. In this connection photosynthesis is broken, and it causes confusions of other physiological functions – a chlorosis, a premature defoliation etc.

Depending on external factors not infection illness caused by deficiency of nutrients, diseases caused by temperature fluctuations etc. share on beam,

1. Illness of plants caused by infringement of a nutritious mode – deficiency or surplus of the basic nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, a potassium, magnesium, sulphur etc.) or microelements (iron, zinc, a milletgrass, molybdenum etc.).

2. The illness caused by an adverse water mode (deficiency or surplus of subsoil waters or rainfall) – withering of plants, a chlorosis etc.

3. The illness caused low either heats or sharp fluctuations of temperature – chilblain, false section, a sunblister etc.

4. The illness caused by a lack of illumination (especially in greenhouses) – a chlorosis, withering of plants, a delay in growth and development etc.

5. Beam illness – caused by influence of radioactive substances.

6. Illness and the defeats caused by chemical substances – atmosphere and water pollution, defeats at wrong application of pesticides etc.

The foliar top dressing of plants biological products «AgroBioStim» raises resistance of plants to stressful reactions and other negative factors of environment.


INFECTIOUS ILLNESS. Diseases concern infectious diseases caused by phytopathogenic viruses, bacteria, the higher parasites etc. Diseases extend with seeds and a planting stock, through contact with sick plants, by means of insects, birds, a wind, water, work tools etc.

Infectious illness share on some phases of development: a phase of infection of plants, an incubation period and disease.

The infection phase begins with the moment of penetration of an infection pathogen in a plant. Infection penetration occurs through stomas or wounds.

The incubation period passes from the moment of infection before occurrence of the first external signs of disease. Duration of the period depends on a kind of plants, aggression pathogen and an environment.

Disease comes from the moment of occurrence of protective reaction and occurrence of external signs of disease. Disease is characterised by increase in symptoms and defeats, intensive reproduction pathogen. In some cases of a plant have time to neutralise, discharge or destroy pathogen. During this period powerful properties of biological products «AgroBioStim» which are shown strengthen immune system of plants, protect plants from diseases and help with struggle with pathogens.

The infected plants recover difficultly and often it is necessary to use chemical preparations, therefore to apply, to top dressing of plants more effectively, biological products «AgroBioStim» which possess bio-fungicidal and bactericidal properties (Technologies and Field tests see).

BACTERIAL ILLNESS. Amaze various parts of plants: mainly tissues of plants (disintegration of intercellular substance), spending organs (in which are multiplied and separate toxins), a root system and a stalk (raise tumours) etc. Illness cause rotting, burns, a cancer of plants, withering, drying etc.


FUNGOID ILLNESS. The most numerous diseases caused by parasitic fungi of various classes. The most widespread illness of plants also inflict the greatest defeats in agriculture. Cause rotting of a root system, tubers and a stalk, withering of separate organs or all plant, destruction of racemes, a stalk and leaves etc.


VIRUS ILLNESS. Meet in various kinds of plants and cause changes in a metabolism and chlorophyll reduction. Plants start to synthesise at the same time with fibers and nucleinic acids and penetrate a virus. Illness is shown as a mosaic with flavovirent stains, deformation of leaves, colours and fruits, a chlorosis and a necrosis of tissues etc.


There is a set of diseases and illness caused by various viruses, pathogens etc. which will not mention here.



Between not infectious and infectious diseases there is a direct dependence. Not infection illness creates conditions for distribution and development of infectious illness. The weakened plants quickly catch infectious diseases and perish.

For struggle against illness various methods are undertaken: agrotechnical measures, chemical methods, physicomechanical methods, biological methods, quarantines etc. Crucial importance for struggle against illness have prophylactic methods: the presowing cultivation of seeds «AgroBioStim» not only stimulates with Natural stimulators a germination of seeds and supplies plants with nutrients, but also protects plants from root rotting and other diseases caused soil pathogens; unroot processing of crops by Natural microfertilizers

«AgroBioStim» cures plants the illness not infectious and infectious illness; the foliar top dressing of plants fertilizers mark «AgroBioStim» not only supplies plants with necessary nutrients, but also protects plants from bacterial and fungous illness.

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