A company «AgroBioStim» Ltd constantly develops a dealer network and offers collaboration in area of sale of organic preparations, stimulators, organic and organic mineral fertilizers.



Possibilities of collaboration:

  • A company offers for realization processing of organic wastes modified for the concrete user of technology in a high-quality humic fertilizer.
  • Delivery of biopreparations, stimulators, organic and organic mineral fertilizers for the needs of agriculture, especially at growing ecologically of clean products.
  • Methodical help for introduction and application of methods of biological correction, at unroot treatment of cultural plants, treatment of seed, punching and other methods of application of humic biopreparations in agriculture, park and landscape architecture.



Other forms of collaboration:

  • Consultations in area of ecological/organic agriculture.
  • Possibility of collaboration in area of introduction and distribution of producible products.
  • Help in realization ecologically of clean agricultural product, reared on new technologies.

    Reasonable price policy of company, does accessible our products to all of layers of population.


Company «AgroBioStim» Ltd offers collaboration in area of introduction of new methods of biotechnologies in agriculture and at a production ecologically of clean products. With our partners we work on principle of openness, sincerity and desire for future joint work.


    Director: Denis Malkov.


A company «AgroBioStim» Ltd is establishing in 2006 Basic priorities is a study and development of modern perspective methods of biotechnology with the purpose of introduction in agriculture. Production and sale of biopreparation, organic and organic mineral fertilizers for the needs of agriculture.

    Presently a company «AgroBioStim» Ltd is a dynamically developing company. Major principle of work of company is individual approach and creation of advantageous terms for partners and clients.



Basic directions activity of company:

  • Production of preparations and fertilizers on the basis of organic acids;
  • Researches and industrial tests of organic and humic preparations and fertilizers at growing of agricultural product;
  • Researches and introduction of humic biopreparations in modern technologies of artificial revegetation of soils and land-reclamation.